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Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 98 of 365

For the most part, it was another crap day at work. At least Steven, one of the regular porters, got there at about the same time I did today. I nevertheless spent most of the morning running my ass off trying to get cars parked and pulled up and greeting people on the drive. It’s getting pretty close to time to update the old resume and start serious fishing for new employment.

On the plus side, driving took up a fair bit of the afternoon, and they were mostly fairly easy drives. Another good thing today was that they did finally hire another porter. So for this week, we’ll still be a little understaffed, but at least it won’t be like the past four or five work days. I was thinking about possibly asking management what the odds are of my becoming a service advisor, but the more I think about it, the less good an idea it seems. I don’t know, though. It would still probably be a lot more money than what I’m making right now.

After work today, I stopped at the grocery store. I had to pick up coffee, since the last of it went into this morning’s pot. I also got sandwich stuff for lunches and a few other snack type things. Unfortunately, I forgot to get the Sunday paper while I was there. I guess I’ll hold off until next week.

Last night, I installed Dragon Naturally Speaking on the computer. The manual says that you can use a portable recorder, like the one I have, to dictate away from your computer and turn it into text later. Unfortunately, neither the manual nor the help file ever mention loading files to use for dictation, so I’m guessing that they mean you have to play back the dictation into the line-in jack of the computer and convert it that way. Which would suck, because my recorder can transfer over the recorded files in digital form much faster than it can play them back. I’d hoped I could just open them and have it do the speech-to-text conversion digitally, but I’m guessing that’s not an option. Oh well.

And now, it’s getting far too late, so it’s off to bed with me…


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