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Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 95 of 365

It was quite a fucked up day at work today. I got to work at about the usual time, a little late because there was another overturned tractor-trailer rig just off the freeway exit. And I was greeted with the announcement that there were no porters today. Plus one of the other drivers called in sick, so it was pretty much me and the two young techs who they ask to cover once in a while. I guess the day didn’t go horribly badly, considering, but it looks like it’s only going to be worse next week. One of the porters got fired, one has the week off, and the two techs who cover sometimes both have classes they need to attend all week. So it’ll be me and the drivers all morning all week. Great scheduling, managers…

I did the post office run this morning, which was something I hadn’t done before. Not really all that exciting. It’s just dropping off the outbound mail and checking the couple of post office boxes. Of course, it was a little more exciting because I nearly got hit by people turning against red lights, not once, but twice. I can’t believe how pathetically badly so many people drive around here.

I thought there was one little bright side to the day when I was picking up one of the customers this afternoon. He works for a division of HP that does mid-sized company database migrations and the like. We talked about my background and such, and he said he’d leave me his e-mail address and I should send him my resume if I was interested in getting back into the field. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave that e-mail address. I guess I could find his phone number and call him. I’ll see tomorrow.

And no one’s replied about the hockey tickets. Oh well…


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