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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 84 of 365

We went to Ernie’s training class today. There were actually people who showed up this time, which was good. There was a young couple with two puppies, a terrier of some sort (like an Airedale, perhaps) and a puggle (half pug, half beagle). The puggle looked very much like a tiny little boxer. And there was a young girl and her mother who had a mongrel which looked like it was primarily lab. I think Ernie was the youngest pup in the class. He behaved himself quite well. I was half expecting him to try to bully around the other puppies, but he wound up being pretty much a little pushover himself. The little puggle must have weight about a third his weight, yet as soon as she came over to him, he pretty much rolled over on his back and let her lick his ears and romp all over him. Overall, it was a good class, and hopefully the rest will be even more informative.

After the class, we drove down to the girlfriend’s mom’s house. We thought that they were going to be gone, but they had recently returned home. Nevertheless, we brought Ernie inside and were just careful to keep him on the tile areas. We also let him run around outside for a little while, since they have a fenced back yard. We really haven’t had any other chances to let him run without a leash on, so it was good for him. Her mom really seemed to like him a lot. He fell asleep on their kitchen floor, which has some nice ceramic tiles. They felt much cooler than the linoleum at our house, and the cold seems to feel quite nice to him. Hopefully he’ll lose most of his puppy coat before summer, because otherwise he’s going to be absolutely miserable.

After visiting for a while, we came home and watched the Olympic hockey final. It was a pretty great game, with the US just losing to Canada in overtime after falling behind 2-0 in the 2nd period. I’d have rather seen the US win, of course, but it’s nice that Canada won it on their home ice.

Speaking of hockey, I also called John, the girlfriend’s brother, and asked if he wanted to go see the Stars play the Kings this Tuesday. Fortunately, he wasn’t working late that day, so I’m going to actually have a fellow hockey fan to go with. That’s a good thing indeed.

And now, since it’s getting late and I need to return to work tomorrow, it’s off to bed with me…


Blogger Mr. Puggle┬« said...

Glad you got the pleasure of meeting a puggle! We rock! Good luck with training Ernie.

March 2, 2010 6:48 AM  

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