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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 83 of 365

It’s been a fairly quiet Saturday. I got my physical done today for the life insurance. That was a lot quicker and less involved than I expected, which is a good thing. It only took about twenty minutes, mostly just taking the blood sample and weighing and measuring me. Definitely not as involved as most of the physicals I’ve had in the past.

After that, we pretty much just sat around and watched the Olympics and kept an eye on Ernie all day. It certainly wasn’t the most productive day, but it was fairly restful, at least. In face, it was so restful that I managed to take a nap for an hour or so during one of the cross country ski races. It was a beautiful day out, and I should have spent more time out of the house, but such is life. We did take a little family walk up to the natural food store with Ernie, expecting to have dinner at their little cafe. Unfortunately, they seemed to be closed, so we just ordered delivery from El Guapo’s, one of the Mexican restaurants here in town. It wasn’t a bad dinner, but nothing to really write home about. The refried beans and the chips were both pretty good, though.

Tomorrow, we have the puppy training class at Petsmart in the morning. We’re probably going to go down to the girlfriend’s mom’s house after that and let Ernie run around in the back yard. Beyond that, who knows what the day will hold. I guess I’ll see then…


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