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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 86 of 365

It’s been a rather long and eventful day today. On the way to the hockey game, I was right behind a three-car accident. I stuck around as a witness, as well as to make sure the debris I ran over didn’t cause any major damage to my car. Amazingly, despite the fact that one of the cars flipped over and was on top of another briefly, no one seemed to be injured at all in the incident. I met a guy named Shawn, who was in the car that went airborne. He was also going to the Stars game at the time. Since his car was basically totaled, I gave him a ride to the game and let him keep his stuff in my car until he could get a ride home with one of his friends after the game.

The game itself was rather bad for the Stars. They lost 5-1, including one goal scored with only about 6 seconds left in the game. It was really a very pathetic showing. The seats, on the other hand, were incredible. We were seated right above the lane where the zambonis come out on the ice, and we could see pretty much everything going on down at that end of the ice like we were right there at ringside. Since we were over the entryway, there was no one right in front of us obstructing our view. If it wasn’t for the fact that the seats cost about $100 each regularly, I might consider getting those seats from now on. Not likely, though…

After the game, I called Shawn back to get together so he could get his stuff. He had mentioned that he lived in Flower Mound, and he asked if I could just drop him off at one of the malls in Lewisville and his wife could come and get him. I told him that it wouldn’t be any problem for me to just drop him off at home. Both he and his wife were quite appreciative of all I did for him. With any luck, he’ll keep in touch and maybe we can get together at another hockey game or something. It’s a weird way to make friends, but nowadays I’ll take about any way I can get.

And now, after my exciting day, I do believe I’ll see if I can get some sleep…


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