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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 87 of 365

Today wasn’t a terribly productive one. I got to work late because I was across the street talking to the insurance agent about the car accident yesterday. Because I ran over some of the debris, I wanted to get my car checked, and I wasn’t sure if I should check with them about coverage or anything. As it happens, there wasn’t really any damage to the car, so it doesn’t really matter much.

When I did get to work, I dropped of my car to have the state inspection and an oil change done. We have a special going on at the dealership, where the oil change and a tire rotation is only $5.00 more than the oil change alone would usually cost. So I went ahead and had the tires rotated, too, despite the fact that I’ve got very little mileage on the thing and it probably won’t need a rotation for a year or two.

I mentioned to my boss that I’d heard that the girl who does most of the IT work there was probably going to be fairly overwhelmed by the task of updating all of the computers to the new system they’re moving to next week. I volunteered to help out, since I’ve done a number of major IT rollouts in my previous job. He said that he’d get in touch with the IT people and let me know if they’re interested. I doubt it would get me a new job or anything, but at least it would get my name on their minds, and that’s never a really bad thing.

Aside from those little things, it was mostly just the same old stuff. Too much filing and pulling of orders today, so I’m behind again, but only by a little bit. The driving wasn’t too terribly bad. And on the home front, Ernie hasn’t peed on the floor for a few days, and he seems to be biting a bit less than he has in the past. I guess we’ll just keep working at it until he’s a good little citizen.

And now, since I have to take him out for his nightly walk in a few hours, I’m off to sleep…


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