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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 91 of 365

Today we had the second installment of Ernie’s puppy training. We got there a little late, mostly because I pretty much slept right through my alarm. I guess the lack of sleep has pretty much caught up with me. The class itself was all right. We learned a couple of little things to try to curb some of his bad behaviors, which we’re going to try to put into action from now on.

After the puppy class, we drove over to Tyler to visit the girlfriend’s dad in the hospital. He’s been moved out of the ICU and is in a room that’s sort of between ICU-level care and just a regular hospital room. I’m not sure what the term for that would be. In any case, he can talk now, which made it a whole lot easier to pass the time with him. He’s doing a lot better, and we’re hoping that he’s going to be able to get out of the hospital in a month or so, although six to eight weeks seems a bit more realistic.

Her brother John was there. We haven’t seen him since we took our trip to the Pacific Northwest last November. He’s doing well. After the visit, Jenny (girlfriend’s step-mom), Adrian and John (brothers), and the girlfriend and I all went to TGI Friday’s for dinner. It was about what you’d usually expect. The meal was okay, nothing to really write home about.

It rained most of the trip over and most of the trip back, and it looks like it’s going to continue raining tomorrow. The girlfriend has to open tomorrow, so I’m going to get both night and morning duty with Ernie. I guess that’s all right, because I also have to get some laundry done. I’m going to go throw a load in the washer now, then let it dry tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won’t have to go to work in wet clothes, although if the weather is as bad as expected, it might not matter much anyway. I guess we’ll see…


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