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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 77 of 365

We went over to the hospital in Tyler today to visit the girlfriend’s dad, who is in the ICU there after having a hematoma removed from his brain a couple of weeks ago. He can’t speak yet, and we realized that it’s actually quite difficult to try to carry on a one-way conversation for the better part of two hours. He can respond to yes-or-no questions, and his son made a sheet with the letters of the alphabet, which he can point to in order to spell out words, but that’s a very slow process and seems quite tiring to him. Still, he seemed happy to have us there, and he’s doing very well for someone who recently had brain surgery.

After the visiting hours were over, we had a late lunch or early dinner with Jenny, my girlfriend’s stepmother. We talked about how her dad was doing and just about other things, like the puppy and the ongoing repairs on their house. It was a good time, and the meal was all right, too.

And then it was driving a couple of hours back home, and dealing with the little terrorist for another several hours. It’s getting late now, though, and it’s back to work tomorrow. Since I’ll be doing the late night potty shift, I guess I should head off to bed pretty quickly now…


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