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Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 75 of 365

This morning, while taking Ernie out for a walk, I managed to lock myself out of the apartment. Of course, in addition to not taking my keys with me, I also didn’t take my cell phone. Fortunately, my insurance agent is right across the street, and I walked across just as one of the ladies who works there was driving in to work. So I asked her if I could use the phone after she finished oohing and aahing over how cute Ernie is.

In addition to receiving compliments from the agent and the other lady who works there, I also got to call the girlfriend and was sold a life insurance policy. So I guess maybe it wasn’t a bad morning in all. The girlfriend showed up twenty minutes or so later and let me back in, and I almost made it work on time anyway.

Work was slower than it has been, which was good for me. I’m still not entirely caught up, but I guess it’ll probably just take another three or four good days to get there. And I only had three drives to make today, although one of them was quite a long one, up to Pilot Point. I’m working tomorrow, so I’d better get myself to bed pretty soon…


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