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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 99 of 365

It was another day of basically being a porter at work. When I got there, I thought I was going to be able to do some of my own work. One of the drivers had called in sick again, but they had Steven, the regular porter, and Raoul, the new guy, both there. So I took about half of the paperwork down to the file room and told the ladies up front to give me a call if it started backing up on the drive and I’d come back and help out.

I wound up getting about ten minutes of filing done before they called me. And for the rest of the morning, I was being a porter. When I finally got a bit of time where everything seemed to be caught up for a bit, they needed me to go take someone home. In the end, I never got back to the file room at all, except to get my thermos of coffee and bring it back to the service drive. So now I’ve got at least five days of filing backed up, and it doesn’t look all that great to get any done tomorrow.

The one nice thing is that Steven mentioned to me that he really appreciated all the help that I’ve been giving them. Not that management has really commented or anything. But at least the people in the trenches seem to notice sometimes, and that’s nice.


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