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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Journal: Day 79 of 365

Today was another long day at work. The other morning driver called in sick today, so they called me at a little before 7:00 to see if I could be there by 8:00. And when I got there, we had almost no driving to be done. But at least I did manage to get a bunch more of the filing done. I think there’s a remote chance that I might actually be completely caught up by tomorrow, assuming that I don’t have to drive again, or that there isn’t much driving to be done.

One thing that was interesting at work today was a call I got from one of the cashiers. I answered expecting to be told that there was some driving to do, but instead she told me that there was a person at the desk who was looking to start a band. I talked to him for a bit. He’s an older guy, and is looking to do mostly original music, with enough covers to get gigs. He’s a drummer, which is a good thing, and he’s just down the road in Lewisville, instead of halfway across the metroplex. I’m going to call him tomorrow, possibly, and see when would be a good time to get together and jam. Possibly the band thing may happen after all.

The work day was extended somewhat unexpectedly today. A lady who got her car back from us at about 6:30 broke down a short time later, and I got to drive about halfway to Flower Mound to pick up her and her three daughters. So I didn’t get off work until after 7:30. A little more overtime, which is always a good thing. And, since I might wind up getting overtime tomorrow, too, if the other drivers don’t both show up, I should go to bed now…


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