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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After a couple of months of cherry-picking, just trying to find a perfect job match for my skills and what I wanted to do, I started applying to pretty much anything that I thought I might be able to do with any kind of competence. Oddly, while browsing through all of the clerical and admin assistant jobs in all the local papers, I ran across a programming job right here in Denton. I went ahead and filled out the application and such, and upon getting the interview, I found out that basically most of what they were looking for was exactly the sort of stuff that I’ve been doing for the past ten years: Access and SQL programming, the boring kind of stuff that runs behind the scenes and doesn’t really make anyone stand up and take notice until it isn’t working right. I guess I did all right on the interview, because I got the job, and yesterday (Monday) was my first day of training. Haven’t really done any of the actual work yet, so I have yet to see how that’s going to be. And the one thing they also want me to do is revamp their website, which is currently pretty pathetic. So now I’m spending most of my spare time reading up on ASP.Net programming. We’ll see how that goes. But at least I’m employed again!

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